Wake Up Write Publishing is an Open Book for Bringing Fourth Enlightening Ideas, Stories and Insights That Ignite Minds and Inspire Change!

Sharing Knowledge

for Enlightenment

At Wake Up Write Publishing Company, we believe in the transformative power of knowledge. Our mission is to bring forth enlightening ideas, stories, and insights that have the potential to ignite minds and inspire change. We welcome you to our virtual home – a place where words come to life, where ideas find their wings, and where knowledge blooms.

Wake Up Write Publishing is an Open Book for Bringing Fourth Enlightening Ideas, Stories and Insights That Ignite Minds and Inspire Change!
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Explore Our Library of Enlightenment

Step into a world of boundless exploration as you browse through our carefully curated collection of literature. From thought-provoking essays to captivating fiction, our diverse range of titles promises to kindle your imagination, broaden your horizons, and invite you into new realms of understanding. Whether you're seeking wisdom, adventure, or simply a moment of escape, you'll find it here. Wake Up Write is an open book for bringing fourth enlightening stories and literature.

Wake Up Write Publishing Company Empowers Authors


Wake Up Write Publishing Company is committed to nurturing both new and established voices. We offer a platform for authors to share their individualized unique viewpoints, experiences, and narratives that contribute to the total collective knowledge of the World. By empowering authors to bring their ideas to fruition, our publishing house plays a crucial role in fostering true literary and intellectual creativity by fostering a magnet of creative success with the business support to achieve it!

  • Author-Centric Platform

  • Nurturing Creativity

  • Diverse Genres and Topics

  • Expert Guidance

  • Professional Editing

  • Collaborative Process

  • Personal Branding

  • Marketing Support

  • Author Showcases

  • Celebrating Achievements

  • Long-Term Partnerships

  • Empowering Voices

  • Literary Legacy

Wake Up Write Publishing Company Builds Communities


Our company believes in building real communities around the pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment. Every title we publish has its own following built through encouraging readers and authors to engage in meaningful real discussions, connecting with like-minded individuals, and participating in live interactive events. This sense of unique community aims to transcend geographical and cultural boundaries, facilitating diverse conversations and fostering a deeper total understanding.

  • Shared Vision

  • Meaningful Discussions

  • Author-Reader Interaction

  • Interactive Events

  • Cultural Exchange

  • Diverse Conversations

  • Deeper Understanding

  • Creating a Safe Space

  • Collaborative Learning

  • Building Relationships

  • Empowering Readers

  • Inspiring Change

  • Cultivating a Movement

Wake Up Write Publishing Company Enriches Experiences


Beyond traditional publishing, Wake Up Write aims to create original enriching experiences for their audience. We help land on target promotion opportunities including author talks, virtual book clubs, workshops, and interactive events. By providing these personalized opportunities, the company extends the realm of enlightenment beyond the pages of their books, allowing readers and authors to engage more deeply with the content and with each other to inspire really authentic experiences.

  • Author Talks

  • Live & Virtual Book Clubs

  • Reader-Author Connections

  • Character Exploration

  • Virtual Tours

  • Thematic Workshops

  • Guided Discussions

  • Cultural Insights

  • Reader Contributions

  • Exploring Impacts

  • Inspiration and Action

  • Community Engagement

  • Cultivating Intellectual Growth

Wake Up Write's Commitment to True Enlightenment

Our Commitment to True Enlightenment:

We're more than just a business; we put the pieces of a movement dedicated to the pursuit of enlightenment together!

Wake Up Write's whole commitment to sharing knowledge reflects our belief in the power of words to inspire change, spark curiosity, and foster personal growth. Whether it is through the written word or through collective interactive experiences, the brand aims to awaken individuals to new perspectives and ideas by resolving their missing pieces.

In summary, the primary goal is to find out enlightenment through the publishing of insightful and thought-provoking books, the empowerment of authors, the creation of real vibrant communities, and the provision of new enriching experiences that go beyond traditionally read literature.

Wake Up Write Publishing Company with Luis De Jesus of The Kings of Dance!

Working with Wake Up Write Publishing Company has been an extraordinary journey. As the author of 'The Kings of Dance,' I had a vision for my book that extended far beyond its pages, and Wake Up Write made that vision a reality. From the moment I joined their family, I felt a deep sense of support and collaboration.

The team at Wake Up Write not only helped me refine and polish my manuscript to perfection but also provided invaluable guidance on building a like-minded community around my title. Their dedication to empowering authors is evident in every step of the process. Through their efforts, my book became more than just a story; it became a catalyst for enriching experiences and thought-provoking discussions."

Luis DeJesus, Author of The Kings of Dance with Wake Up Write Publishing Company

Luis De Jesus

Author, The Kings of Dance